Precision Inflation

Who we are?

Based in Des Moines, IA, Precision Inflation provides Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS) for agricultural equipment which quickly and precisely inflates and deflates tires to optimal pressures for the road or the field.

Sally Brodbeck (owner), founded Precision Inflation in 2012 and brought CTIS technology to North America. Sally’s husband, Ken Brodbeck, a farm boy from Iowa and Agricultural Tire Engineer is a leading expert in fitting equipment with Ag Tires and CTIS.

Better Yields due to reduced compaction
up to 0 %
Higher Fuel Economy
up to 0 %
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More traction “power to the ground”
up to 0 %
Increased tire life with optimal footprint
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Why Use Inflation Systems?

Agricultural equipment has become bigger and heavier and must travel greater distances between fields. Higher pressure tires handle heavy loads at faster speeds very well, but the high pressures can create excessive soil compaction.

Big heavy Agricultural equipment operates in two very different conditions:


Hard Surface, High Speed, Hot Conditions, Heavy Loads, and Long Distances



Soft Ground, Slow Speed, Cool Conditions, and Lighter Axle Load After Implement Unfolds

Excessive Compaction Steals Yield!

Our customers generally see a full return on investment for a tractor and planter system in the first two years from increased yield alone with an added 2-3 bushel per acre on 1000 acres and corn at $5 per bushel!

Top Advantages of CTIS


Increase Income Per Acre Instantly

Increase your bottom line instantly with proper tire inflation in the field and on the road. 


Reduce Compaction & Increase Soil Health

With proper tire inflation, there is less soil compaction leading to better soil health and more room for root growth.

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Increase Traction & Power To The Ground

Reduced tire inflation in the field leads to better traction and power to the ground. Get work done after the rain.

Improve Fuel Economy

Increased tire inflation on the road leads to faster and safer travel as well as better fuel economy.


Increase Tire Life

Research has proven that proper tire inflation increases overall tire life. Save money by replacing tires less often.

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* Precision Inflation CTIS equipment can be installed on most brands of ag equipment. Even this Fendt tractor below.

Precision Inflation Truck
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What Our Customers Say

Alex R.

Glad I had this installed on my equipment. Saves me hours each week.

Mike T.

Great product. Works as advertised and increases my bottom line.

Gary S.

Easy to install, and it keeps my tires at the optimal pressure. Highly recommend it!